It is only an adventure if the outcome is uncertain.

Epreuves d'ultracyclisme entre la France et l'ailleurs en
passing through the most beautiful villages and landscapes.

Interdit de venir ou repartir en avion

Trouvez un autre moyen de venir : covoiturage, vélo, bus, à dos d'âne ou sinon simplement en train (on choisit nos destinations en fonction)

Discovering the most beautiful villages.

Sur chaque trace vous traverserez parmi les plus beaux villages de France et d'ailleurs mais aussi des canyons, des falaises, des cols superbes et des cascades somptueuses.
You will be amazed

Nice gradient in road or gravel

With up to 20,000m of elevation gain over the 1700km distance, the roads will not be easy and you will leave with strong calves.

A limited time

For each distance, you have a limit of 8 days to finish the event. For the 700km it's reasonable, but for the 1700km you have to be a little bit loco.

An adventure that feels good

Our goal is to accompany and help those who need it in the initiation of ultracycling through the Poco Loco.
You want to introduce someone to ultra? Register as a duo and get a reduced rate.

Local first

Rediscover the local through a unique crossing of Languedoc, Aubrac, Landes, Catalonia.